Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Eight Wonders

I’m not here to introduce an additional new Wonder to the existing Seven Wonders, and it’s nothing to do with tourism either; but rather an adoption of the name based on the concept of the remarkable manmade creations that did wonder to the mankind civilization.

Yes, it is all about our Eight Support Websites to work as our core platform, and how it delivers wonders to FingerTec's resellers and its end users.

Virtual Delivers Reality

To some outsiders, they seemed surprise when I told them we export FingerTec products to a hundred countries merely by deploying our Internet support system. Neither we set up any regional office, nor we travel for face-to-face meeting with our resellers to conduct any technical support or sales training abroad.

By using email, MSN, and Skype as communication tools, and our monthly eNewsletter to disseminate FingerTec latest news; the Eight Support Websites, play its designated role in covering almost everything that resellers would need to move the FingerTec business. Though now everything is up and available, it takes years of hard work to get there.

How to use the websites? Some resellers are fully aware of the treasures and totally make use of them without requiring further guidance from us; but some did write to us whenever they encountered unique problems, required us to prompt them to the right document(s); and some hardly refer to these useful information.

The Two Deployment Techniques
I have two suggestions for better expedition. First, especially for distributors who have appointed some dealers themselves, they should take an initiative to help their dealers to register as members, encourage them to share the same resources.

Second, push the resources out rather than waiting for them (your dealers) to come around. If you’re a distributor, besides encouraging your dealers to take the tour, you may also from time to time pluck one or two pieces of information, forward them the links or as download files. For example, every dealer needs product presentation’s PowerPoint or some training documents. Retrieve them from our Sales Website (; or at our Training Website ( and forward these documents to them, it would definitely entice them to visit the resources.

The Concise of The Eight Wonders
This site displays all FingerTec models in What You See Is What You Get (WGSIWYG) format, including all items provided in the package. To check on any discrepancy in packages you received from us, please refer to this site.

This site displays a wide range of accessories; some exclusively designed by FingerTec and some are offered to our resellers for easier sourcing, so they can make FingerTec products a complete solution for access control or for time & attendance system.

3. Marketing Material (
This site is for resellers to request brochures, posters, buntings, backdrops, and all kinds of marketing materials. We will consolidate shipping with your product's order to save transportation cost.

4. User Support (
This site helps the resellers to support end-users. Troubleshooting for hardware and software, software upgrades download and etc, are meant to reduce your support cost.

5. Technical Tips (
This technical site provides FAQ, troubleshooting, basic reader repairs, advanced repair program, diagrams, firmware and software downloads, tips that solve all kinds of technical problems. (For members only)

6. Sales Information (
This site is for resellers to download all kinds of sales literature that range from product presentation, sample project proposals, sample ads design, and etc., for pre-sales purposes. (For members only)

This site provides all kinds of training literature ranging from sales training, products training, technical training to end-user training in order to help resellers to conduct effective training class. (For members only)

This site is for resellers to claim warranty parts and to request quotation for parts and services related to FingerTec products. (For members only)
My advice is, the more you tap on the websites; the better you’ll find them helping you to grow your business. Share the resources, and spread the materials around to your dealers and customers, it would do wonder beyond expectations.

Enrich The Future Value
The difference between the Seven Wonders and the Eight FingerTec Wonders is, the former stays as they are as the witness of the mankind's history, anything added to it would spoil its true nature value; but for the latter, the value will increase through our ongoing content enrichment process at all times.
We’re kind to share the treasure with you; you’re most welcome to grab whatever you want!

by Teh Hon Seng, CEO, FingerTec HQ


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