Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Winter is Coming? Or is it Spring?

Winter is Coming is the motto of House of Stark, one of the greatest houses of Westeros in the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones, conveying the meaning of warning and constant vigilance. Hearing someone whispers Winter is Coming can send chills down one’s spine thinking of the harsh winter and the roaming white walkers.

Winter is Coming

We can almost certain that Winter is Coming, because the business climate is volatile when the second wave of IT evolution hits, unlike the first wave that just clacked the surface to improve business efficiency, this second travelled to the bone marrow, affected the in-depth business ecology and disrupted the outlook of the entire business world.

You should feel the chills, if you still think you can maintain the same business operations without transformations. You should feel the chills, if you haven’t turned your conventional non-IT company into an “IT company”. For an IT company, you too should feel the chills, if you’re still selling your IT products outright, without consuming your own IT products to fuel your own business operations. Google, facebook, Amazon, Groupon, Uber, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and almost all of the newcomers are no longer selling their own-developed technologies but they deployed them for far better profitability. 

Winter is Coming when Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) come as foes rather than friends for those unsuspecting. They are the digital omens in the mobile Internet era emerged to haunt your business. These buzzwords are not hoaxes; everyday they are becoming our new reality.

We sped our transformation by allocating 60% in R&D expenditure, and R&D is quickly becoming the largest department in our company this year. We have added, visitor management system for residential, and for guard tour system into our cloud application portfolios, on top of for time and attendance and for cloud surveillance. We expect to launch our cloud e-leave and cloud hire as part of our workforce management in 2017.

We have to reshape, readjust and fine-tune our operations to cope with the subscription-based model. We had a very busy year in 2016, and would be more diligent in 2017.

And, for cloud attendance system, we have tripled the revenue for the last two consecutive years and expecting three to four times hike in 2017. The steep climb of the sales figure sends a strong excitement to our bloodstream, keeping us marching forward.   

Spring is Coming?

Winter is short or snow has never fallen on companies that have prepared. Perhaps, for those who have prepared, you will be getting stronger, and be able to breathe soothingly, because Spring is Coming.