Monday, November 5, 2012

Something Larger Than Biometrics

Biometrics products have their own attractions more than the industries they really served.

That's why most of the biometrics players like to put forward their amazing hardware before you, and eager to show how fingerprint verification or face recognition machine works on you during a demonstration session. Their software easily escapes tight scrutiny with this strategy.  

The biometrics device is simply 'soulless' if you skip the software
The truth is, the real purpose of a biometrics device is basically defined and decided by its software. The biometrics device is simply 'soulless' if you skip the software.

Our customers can spot how much we emphasize on software, even though the hardware is like a natural magnetic field, pulling them in. We stress the importance of software by introducing three new applications to our software family throughout 2012. Firstly, TimeTec Cloud as a workforce management software based on cloud technology; secondly, Ingress as a new generation access control application, and thirdly, OFIS GateWay as a secure single sign on software, after years of developments to enhance our solutions.

The reason is simple, because the threshold can be varied, from cards to biometrics or to NFC (Near Field Communication) in the future; and the platform can be varied as well, from Windows to Web, or to private or public Cloud; and the medium can be varied too, from PCs to tablets or to smart phones, but the solution either serving physical or logical access control industry or time and attendance management, would remain the same almost forever.

Since we established in 2000, we always believed that there is something larger than the biometrics. Hence, Beyond Biometrics becomes our slogan, to remind us that the success of FingerTec would not be solely relied on how fast and accurate our fingerprint or face recognition algorithm is, we should go beyond the boundary to look into the industry at a larger perspective.

We should look into the industry at a larger perspective
And, our comprehension of serving the industry has different levels too, acceptance is just the entry point, satisfaction would be the next to ensure success, but we aim for the highest, which is to touch the customers, by their hearts. Can our products or solutions or services achieve that? We don’t promise, but we are working extraordinarily hard at that.

We hope you find us exceptional at the first sight, and later on in everything we do.

by Teh Hon Seng, CEO, FingerTec HQ

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