Friday, December 21, 2012

Resource Sharing

As we embrace the coming year, our plan is to further enhance the concept of resource sharing.

In the 21st century, with more information being produced in the digital format, rather than the conventional media, storage and retrieval system, it has fundamentally changed the characteristic of the information landscape. It sparked a paradigm-shift from the ownership of information to access of resources.

Concept of Resource Sharing 
There are a lot of resources and components surrounding FingerTec hardware and software.  Instead of merely a product supplier, we should consider ourselves an information provider. And digital technology and the Internet gives us the value-added enhancement to deliver adequate information more efficiently to our resellers and customers.

How can an organization survive and flourish in an increasingly customer-oriented, distributed environment? How can we re-engineer our networked global resource sharing strategy? I believe if we can build an Information Highway without “roadblocks”, we will be able to market knowledge-based products more successfully than competitors.

But how do we efficiently share our resources with resellers? Our plan is to try to integrate our partners’ websites into ours. It is the most logical way, in the end, as they already share most of our resources and links to serve their local purpose.  If resellers must have their own websites still, instead of redesigning by copying our graphics and text, they can simply embed some of our icons to link directly to our product and support pages.

We encourage our partners to reflect our website in theirs by requesting us to include some of the local elements. We urge them to share their local activities, news and stories to enrich our monthly newsletters, and after that they can share and circulate the same consolidated newsletter to strengthen their local presence and brand awareness. For some even more localized components such as a shopping cart, we deploy Internet technology to limit the option to only viewers of their country.

Sharing the same platform
Sharing the same platform, with the local elements always taken care of is the best strategy to improve the brand value, in our opinon. Input of any local requirements, technically or culturally would help to enhance the platform with domestic care.

As for social media engine, we had once encouraged our partners to set up their own Facebook and Twitter page for the purpose of social networking. But yet as time went by, we observed very little activity and updates, their social media tools being left idle. For better resource sharing, we are now adopting a different approach: Instead of setting up their own, we will just make them one of the contributors or help them tweet and post about their local activities. And on top of that, we are even able to promote their post in our Facebook to their local market only.

We have the resources. We have the social platforms. We have expertise on social media networking, video editing, graphic designing, web designing, copywriting, web programming and technical expertise at our disposal. So why not share it with our clients?

In this new age, with cloud computing and a variety of services flying over our heads, a lot of companies no longer store their data physically in their offices; it is most probably stored out of the country into no particular fixed location, that even the CEOs have lost track of the exact location. To accommodate to this change, it needs a little tweaking of the current mindset. In the end, if you have the right to access, you already virtually own the information.

by Teh Hon Seng, CEO, FingerTec HQ

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